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At Blue Cove Island Resort, we offer fine and open-air dining. Guests have a choice of dining in the covered beach-side restaurant or sitting at one of the tables in our sports bar . We feature a wide range of Western and Filipino cuisines, especially prepared to give our guests a good choice of meals to suit their needs.

The dining options are very tasty and fresh, local seafood available, along with some chicken and pork, and vegetables. We also keep our restaurant stocked up with a variety of delicious treats such as sandwiches, fruits, salads, soups, and pancakes.

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The food is EXCELLENT, congratulations to the cook, absolutely taste the BLUE COVE SPECIAL. -A TripAdvisor Member, Nov 2013

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Food was generally good. I especially like the fish and chips. Portions were big enough for two to share one dish. -BallardBeaver, Seattle, Feb 2013

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The food was great! I so loved their Fish Fillet, Pancit canton, and Fish in Coconut Sauce, which all came in big servings. -Isabeli, Manila, September 2013

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In a word “Brilliant”, The Blue Cove Special Fish Fillet is the best fish meal I have ever eaten anywhere for any price and I still want more even after 40+ dishes. Coconut Curry fish is wonderful as are any of the Blue Cove Adobos and Grills. There is also a delicious home made bacon and very good pancakes at breakfast. I ate around 250 dishes in my 4 months and was not once disappointed! ….. oh even the humble fish and chips are made from Red Emperor delivered daily from the fishing boats. Lobster, crab and the delicious “Slipper Lobster” are all available on request. -GrantBoayan, Sydney, Australia, Jan 2012

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Good food and the french toast at breakfast was amazing. -FollieAdeux, Macau, May 2012

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The food was excellent and the staff were friendly. -Yangyang-gun, South Korea, Feb 2012

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The food was very good and fresh from the sea. -Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Feb 2012

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